We deliver your digital drawing within 1 to 3 days 😃

Refund policy

We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied with our work. If you experience any kind of problems with the order, and you feel frustrated, please send us an email to donut@donutamarillo.com and our team will help you immediately. First and foremost we want the satisfaction of our customers, this is paramount. Apart from email you can write to us via WhatsApp as well 😊. 

Please fill in and complete with as much details as possible the way you want us to deliver your yellow caricature, to avoid future problems.


1.Cancel orders not started by our artists.

If you are going to cancel your order that has not yet been started by the artists, please send us as soon as possible a mail to our email donut@donutamarillo.com or let us know by WhatsApp so that the artists do not start your order and so we can make you a refund of your money 😊.

We recommend that for a faster resolution, please include your order number.Thank you!

2. Canceling orders started by our artists

If you are canceling an order that has already been started by our artists, we are sorry but it will not be possible to make the cancellation. In any case if the artist has not made much progress on their caricature we will try to cancel the order, so we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to see if we can work something out.


Once the caricature has been delivered to the client we do not accept returns as it is a handmade and personalized work. We can make the necessary modifications until the client is happy, but we do not refund money because it is a service and once the service has been delivered it is not possible to refund money.

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